'10 — '15 institute of theoretical physics, ulm university
senior research associate
'07 — '09 institute for mathematical sciences, imperial college london
research associate
'03 — '06 institute of physics, university of potsdam
research assistant
'01 — '02 optical sciences center, university of arizona
visiting research assistant
'00 hitachi cambridge lab
visiting lab assistant (design and assembly of a 10fs ti:sapphire laser)
'97 — '11 consulting / internships
'11: strategy consultant for a leading pharmaceutical company, princeton (business war gaming, simulation and analysis of market dynamics)
'02: dresdner bank, frankfurt (it consultant; development of internet and e-commerce applications for time-critical transactions)
'01: accenture, frankfurt (visiting associate; risk-management for a leading electricity company, derivation and implementation of models to predict power demand, portfolio optimization)
'99: university eye clinic charité, berlin (intern; theoretical and experimental research in refractive eye surgery, development of hard- and software for a surface analysis unit)
'98: siemens, munich (it consultant; design of a vrml interface for a visitor information system)
'97: daimler-benz, stuttgart (intern; aspects of non-invasive testing: x-ray, computer tomography, development of software)

'03 — '06 institute of physics, university of potsdam
ph.d. candidate, jan. '07: dr. rer. nat. (summa cum laude), thesis: quasi-free systems on general lattices: criticality, entanglement-area laws, and single-copy entanglement
'97 — '03 institute of physics, philipps university marburg
dipl. phys. degree in physics, thesis: momentum-state engineering and control in bose-einstein condensates using genetic algorithms
'00 — '01 optical sciences centre, university of arizona
visiting graduate student